Find a Less Disruptive Way to Replace Your Gas Line

Find a Less Disruptive Way to Replace Your Gas Line

Schedule a trenchless gas line replacement appointment in San Jose & San Mateo, CA

When your gas line wears out or is damaged beyond repair, Moor Plumbing Solutions Inc. is available to help. We're PG&E-certified to do trenchless gas line replacements in San Jose, CA. Hire us to use a horizontal boring machine to dig up to 300 feet underground without messing up your patio, sidewalk or driveway.

Next time you need gas line replacement services, call 510-755-8934 ASAP.

Choose which appliance you need installed, and leave the rest to us

Gas line replacement services might be necessary if you're hooking up new appliances in your home. For example, you should hire us before you try to install:

  • A grill
  • An oven
  • A fireplace
  • A gas fire pit
  • A heated pool
  • A heating unit
  • A water heater
We can also replace your pipes if they're leaking or posing a danger to your property. In addition to running gas to your equipment, we'll also hook up the entire system. Don't stress about your appliance installation - turn to us for your trenchless gas line replacement and equipment hookup today.